Prepare your skin. The sister to Phytomelatonin Rejuvenating Serum has arrived: an all-encompassing, age-defying face oil built on a lifetime of work, of research, and of development.

Following the success of our breakthrough Phytomelatonin and Pistachio products, our most lauded active ingredients to date join forces in a rapid-regenerating hydration step that alleviates signs of skin stress and, in turn, those of skin ageing. Like its sister serum, Pistachio Face Oil has been 35 years in the making – a life-long commitment for which our Scientific Director Dr. Francesca Ferri has been awarded the Italian equivalent of a knighthood.


The strength and resilience of Alpine plants is a natural phenomenon worth investigating. Their ability to stay alive, strong and healthy in the extreme, stress-inducing alpine climate is what drove Dr. Ferris dedication to this research. Her in-vitro trials revealed that not only do these plants’ ingenious protective and restorative functions hold strong in human skin but, partnered with certain complementary ingredients, namely potent antioxidants and vitamins, the particular molecule in question, Phytomelatonin, takes an approach to anti-aging which – contrary to the vast majority of modern skincare equivalents – is truly multifaceted.


Derived entirely from plants and applied at optimal purity and potency informed by Dr. Ferris independent trials, Pistachio Face Oils unique performance is owed to the power of three scientifically advanced ingredients which together address both the signs and the causes of skin aging:

Phytomelatonin - Alpine Plant Melatonin, as we often refer to it, is the plant equivalent of melatonin, the human hormone we know to counteract the degenerative effects of UV exposure and other stressors. A proven triple threat against skin aging, it performs a potent antioxidant action, re-regulates protective processes, and promotes skin cell renewal.

Pistachio Oil - Delivers a dose of health-boosting omegas that our skin cannot naturally produce, plus Lutein and Vitamin E. This means stronger, smoother and better protected skin thanks to a restored skin barrier.

28% Stabilized Vitamin E - The ultimate active ingredient, pure and natural, at its optimal dosage for skin health. A vitamin far kinder to skin than others, Vitamin E can be used at high potency without risk of irritation.


Designed for all skin types including those prone to sensitivity, what makes Pistachio Face Oil such an invaluable addition to any regime is that, with its specific configuration of ingredients, it addresses the root cause of all skin concerns at surface level. From lines and wrinkles to redness, irritation and sensitivity caused by either internal hormonal or external factors like UV and pollution, the combined benefits of nourishment, antioxidant protection, cellular renewal and skin barrier support offer a tangible solution.


While at Irene Forte skincare, it’s the ingredients that do the heavy lifting with regards to our products’ performance, but the spa experience is of equal importance for skin and extended wellbeing and forms a core part of our heritage. When an Irene Forte spa isn’t quite within reach, facial massage is an excellent way to bring spa benefits home while amplifying the anti-aging effects of your facial oil.

Best applied as the final step in your regime, post-face cream or in its place depending on the level of hydration needed, Pistachio Face Oil lends itself perfectly to a simple facial self-message. Perform the routine daily to increase blood flow, radiance and the efficacy of your skincare ingredients, encouraging the firmest, plumpest, smoothest and brightest results in skin.