#ForteFemale At Home - Venetia Archer

Today's #ForteFemale is the talented and innovative founder of Ruuby, London's on-demand beauty bookings platform, Venetia Archer. Venetia launched Ruuby in 2015; it now connects busy Londoners with an extensive community of over 800 freelance beauty therapists and has been voted best London app by Vogue, Evening Standard and others.

Which place would you travel to now, if you could?

I would head straight to the Amalfi Coast.

What's the first restaurant you're going to go to after the quarantine?

Somewhere with a vibe, where I can dress up and invite a bunch of friends.

What are your favourite beauty places or spa treatments?

I love Ayurvedic spa treatments and schedule them if I can when I'm on holiday. My favourite spa is the Maldives Six Senses. You feel like you're in a jungle and it's incredibly peaceful. I tried a shirodhara treatment last time, which involves the forehead being treated with oil, with the intention of relaxing your mind and nervous system... I've never slept better!

What are you doing/ using to stay physically active and mentally well at the moment?

I am doing a class with Califlow every day via Instagram at 8am. They have Yoga, strength and mobility classes, and I really like having the choice. It sets me up for the day, makes me feel accomplished and gets me up and about in the morning. I'm also walking a lot and catching up on a very long reading list.

What helps you get to sleep if you are wired but tired?

Reading my kindle on a very low light setting with the lights off. Reading easy books, like biographies, so your brain doesn't have to work too hard!

What is your skincare regime during the lock-down (morning and evening)?

I've been having a lot of fun trying new beauty tools and products during lockdown, and my skin is looking a lot better for it. In the morning, I double cleanse with a foam cleanser. Following this, Alpha/Beta pads to exfoliate, and then I use an Irene Forte Hyaluronic Acid Vial. I finish my moisturising with either a light oil or an SPF day cream.

Do you have one evening or more a week where you spend time masking/ pampering? What do you do?

I usually do this on a Sunday. I will get my beauty tools out (current favourite is the Dennis Gross LED eye mask), and I'm about to explore home microneedling - it's my favourite treatment and I miss it. I love trying new masks but have a few favourites, of which the Irene Forte Pomegranate Face Mask is one.

What is the best beauty/ skin advice you've ever been given?

Get out of the sun! I had more than my fair share growing up in Australia.

What's your favourite:


Essays in Love by Alain De Botton



How I Built This with Guy Raz and Desert Island Discs BBC Radio 4

Skincare product:

I couldn't choose!

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