#ForteFemales At Home - Olivia Puri Negri

In celebration of Earth Day, today's #ForteFemale is fittingly the nature-lover and founder of hello serena, Olivia Puri Negri. hello serena provides eco-chic, 100% certified organic cotton tampons that are biodegradable and compostable. The brand is feminine, seductive and playful. Its mission is to normalise periods, empowering women to break the menstrual taboo.

Which place would you travel to now if you could?

I would like to do a road trip around Italy to visit my loved ones, and invite my foreign friends to come along. Lately, I've realised how we are keen to take long trips all over the world while missing out on our national treasures. It’s the perfect opportunity to review our bucket list!

What's the first restaurant you're going to go to after the quarantine?

More than a restaurant, I'm looking forward to enjoying a picnic with my friends.

What are your favourite beauty places or spa treatments?

For beauty places, I love Alpina Hotel in Gstaad and Hotel de Russie in Rome. In terms of my go-to treatments, I love a good facial to cleanse and brighten up my skin. I’m also very into Thai body massages.

What are you doing/using to stay physically active and mentally well at the moment?

In terms of fitness workouts, I do sessions via FitCoach app. I do Yoga classes with @beatricemontessori via zoom. I do an at-home retreat with health coach Flavia Deucher @healthyfullstop who gathers 20 beautiful female strangers every week via zoom to check in on one another and do inspiring workshops, which includes anything from holistic cooking to art. I love disconnecting via painting, and I call a loved one every day to give reciprocal love and support. I’ve also been helping out with a great Covid-19 fundraiser by @collabforlove.

What helps you get to sleep if you are wired but tired?

A light dinner, and a chamomile and lavender roll-on (new habit). I try and avoid/limit TV and phone use before bed.

What is your skincare regime during the lock-down (morning and evening)?


  • Cleanse with water and soap
  • Massage with Foreo
  • Moisturising cream + serum
  • Solar cream 50 SPF
  • Put on a little makeup. I find wearing makeup uplifting
  • Irene Forte Rose Body Oil


  • Cleanse with miscellaneous water
  • Cleanse with water
  • Massage with Foreo
  • Light exfoliating tonic
  • Moisturising cream + serum
  • Irene Forte Orange Blossom Body Oil

Do you have one evening or more a week where you spend time masking/pampering? What do you do?

I used to apply orange-based facial masks once/twice a week and pamper myself with a facial at the spa once a month but now I’ve started applying a super-rich body scrub a few times a week made with olive oil by a local farm in Capalbio.

What is the best beauty/skin advice you've ever been given?

Use sun protection on a daily basis.

What's your favourite:


The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker & The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy


Everything that concerns animals & our planet, favourites include: Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Africa


Not my thing for the moment

Skincare product:

I haven't yet found my absolute favourite... but the Irene Forte Hibiscus Serum is dreamy

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