The India Irene Forte Skincare Galentines Edit

In the run-up to Valentine's, we celebrate female friendships with a large helping of skincare as the much-loved beauty and lifestyle blogger India Sehmi does an edit of her go-to products in the Irene Forte Skincare range. She answers some of our burning questions and gives us the scoop on a pamper night in with friends.

What’s your favourite Irene Forte Skincare product?

It has got to be the Hibiscus Night Cream - I’ve never felt anything more luxurious! It’s a total dream.

What do you like about Irene Forte Skincare?

Firstly, the packaging is to die for; I’m a big fan of the minimal, luxe branding. The recycled glass bottles of the body products are so special and look gorgeous on my bedside table. I also love that the collection is so stripped back: from the organic, farm-grown ingredients to the range of products, you can easily work out what your skin needs without being overwhelmed by hundreds of options. Finally, it’s so nice to know that what you're using is spa-grade, vegan and sustainable.

What’s your go-to skincare product?

I love a good mask - not only do they feel like a dose of indulgence and self-care in daily life, but I love the deep work they do, whether it’s exfoliating, cleansing or brightening.

Do you ever look for a certain ingredient in your skincare?

To be honest no, but I tend to opt for clean products from brands that do the provenance work for me like Irene Forte Skincare.

What Irene Forte Skincare product would you gift to your sister/mother?

My mother is religious with her body moisturising routine so I’d give her one of the beautiful body oils or creams. My sister is a skincare and beauty lover so I’d give her the Apricot Face Peel to prep her skin before her makeup routine.

What does a night with your friends look like?

I love a good girly sleepover and I seem to have kicked off my Galentine's celebrations with three this month already. Each has been my perfect night in - delicious, healthy food (I eat vegan 99% of the time at home), some bubbles for good measure, an uplifting film or TV show and lots of skincare, naturally! My friends love trying out my latest skincare finds so each time we popped on the Apricot Penta-Acid Polish whilst we moisturised with the White Wine Body Cream and Orange Blossom Body Oil, finishing with the Hibiscus Night Cream before going to sleep. Perfect night or what?

Are you going to celebrate Galentine's day?

Not in a group context, but I am seeing lots of the women I love in my life this week so will be sure to tell them how happy, loved, supported and inspired they make me feel. I am truly lucky to be surrounded by so many, from those in my family to my friends and my colleagues.

What’s important to you in a friendship?

It’s important to have a connection and mutual love, care and respect for one another. Friendships should be balanced and fun for the most part, like any relationship. They should make you feel good. I once heard a saying that friends should be like radiators and not drains so I always bear that in mind. If someone isn’t serving you and is always giving off negative energy then you don’t need them bringing you down with them.

It’s important to know that you are always there for each other, but not necessarily in the physical sense. You can have a great friendship where you don’t see or speak to them often, but you know they’re always there and you pick up where you left off.

Who are your favourite skincare bloggers to follow?

Emma Hoareau, Emelinaah and Lucy Williams