Ingredient Spotlight: Pomegranate

While eating pomegranates might be a bit messy and tricky, incorporating them into your skincare routine is a must. Our Pomegranate Face Mask should be a part of any at-home pampering session with the fruit freshly handpicked from our organic farm in Sicily.

Pomegranate Ingredient in Irene Forte Pomegranate Face Mask

Say hello to firm skin!

Pomegranates are packed full with antioxidants called Anthocyanins which help protect the skin from damaging free radicals that speed up skin aging. The fruit and the oil from the seeds work to strengthen and repair the skin by activating the keratinocytes (surface skin cells) that produce keratin which in turn promotes cellular regeneration. Specific plant compounds in the fruit obstruct enzymes that break down Collagen (the building block to firm skin). Pomegranate also helps with the growth of Fibroblasts, the cells that help generate Elastin and Collagen.

Protects your skin from the sun and adds some brightness

UVB radiation from sun rays causes photo-aging and can even lead to skin cancer due to the free radicals it produces. Pomegranate helps to counteract these effects. Polyphenol antioxidants in the fruit like ellagic acid help to stop skin cancer growth. The high antioxidant stores, also in the form of Vitamins C and E, protect the body from carcinogens, toxins and from inflammation. Vitamin C also brightens the skin.

Balances, reduces breakouts and repairs the skin

Excessive sebum production, often due to hormonal imbalances or digestive issues, can cause blemishes, breakouts and even acne. Free radicals present in the environment oxidize sebum, which can cause acne bacteria. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals and help suppress mast cells (white blood cells) that inflame the skin. Low amounts of Vitamins A, C and E have been linked to acne, and pomegranate has plenty of Vitamins C and E to supply the skin with. The peel of the fruit contains Catechins (highly active antioxidants) that prevent the degradation of connective skin tissue and stimulate collagen production, facilitating the repair of acne scarring. The seed oil contains Punicic Acid (an omega-5 fatty acid) which keeps bacteria at bay, locks in moisture, hydrates and repairs the skin.

Treat yourself to our Pomegranate Face Mask!

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