Ingredient Spotlight: Orange Blossom


An enviable over-achiever, Orange Blossom is a versatile all-rounder that you definitely want in your skincare routine. As with many of our ingredients, you are just as likely to find this one on your bathroom shelf as you are on your kitchen shelf.

Be Bright 

Orange Blossom is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). By removing the excess build-up on the skin’s surface, AHAs allow newer, softer, and healthier-looking skin to emerge. Additionally, clearing excess build-up enables other ingredients and products to better penetrate the skin. AHAs are also fantastic at reducing fine lines and wrinkles and at targeting age spots and skin discoloration.

Hydration Heaven 

Orange Blossom is a hugely effective hydrator with an incredible ability to soften and replenish skin and lock in moisture. Using products with Orange Blossom is a sure-fire way to keeping your skin happy and hydrated.

Clean Up

With its antibacterial properties, Orange Blossom is a natural cleanser. Thanks to its purifying citrus elements, it is the perfect ingredient to rejuvenate and soothe your skin.

Sleep Tight 

Many people actually use it to soothe their minds too. Orange Blossom Water can be diluted and drunk to relieve stress and anxiety. It is considered to be a mood-booster!

Thanks to its calming effects, Orange Blossom can also help to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Fun Fact 

The oranges at our farm in Sicily have a special naval! There is a belly button-shaped protrusion at the bottom of the fruit, something the oranges on the south-west coast of Sicily are famous for.


A performance natural ingredient for the skin, experience its benefits with our Orange Blossom range:

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