Irene Forte Skincare is handmade in small batches in Italy, following the principles defined by Doctor Francesca Ferri in her research on the Organic-Cosmetic matrix, coupled with the knowledge Irene has obtained working in spas and her passion for healthy, clean living following the traditional Mediterranean way. 

The Research

Over a 35-year period, Doctor Ferri and her team at EffegiLab in Trento have researched the benefits of a number of natural, organic ingredients, primarily from the region for the benefits of skincare.

This includes the use of grape extracts to treat dermatitis and how naturally extracted resveratrol can work as a ‘super anti-ager’.

She also discovered the benefits of vegetable melatonin – phytomelatonin – and it was this that defined the concept of ‘psico-cosmesi’ for her.

The work hasn’t stopped there, as Doctor Ferri continues her research into the benefits of natural ingredients in skincare, particularly those with structures similar to that of the skin’s own natural composition.

Psico-Cosmesi Explained

This means cosmetics that help both mind and body, and it’s a concept that both Irene and Doctor Ferri held close to their hearts during the three years it took to develop our range.

It’s fundamental to the principles of our skincare; the idea that what we put on our skin benefits what goes on in our body, both emotionally and physically. It’s holistic, but also scientific and proven in its results on our overall wellbeing and skin health.

The Organic-Cosmetic Matrix

These are the pillars upon which each of our products is formulated. This means they must meet stringent standards for delivering a beautiful experience, have proven efficacy, be natural and organic where possible and remain true to the principles of the Mediterranean skincare diet - which we know to be the ideal balance for the body inside and out.


Performance Naturals: The Ingredients

We manufacture in small batches to the exacting standards you’d expect from Italian formulation houses, considered some of the best in the world for their rigor and attention to quality and detail.

Each of our approximate 75 active ingredients are chosen to work in harmony with one another, but also to complement the body’s natural biochemistry. We look for actives already naturally present in the skin or biomimetic ingredients, making them biocompatible and exceptionally skin-friendly. 

The combination and weight of ingredients in each product have been carefully formulated to create the most effective benefits on the skin, following the Organic-Cosmetic matrix.

We focus on ingredients that are proven to offer particularly effective results in anti-aging and increasing hydration, as they reflect what we naturally have within our skin, including:

Multi-Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid


Sodium PCA

We use only what is necessary and select naturally derived alternatives to petrochemicals, synthetic colors, harsh surfactants, preservatives and fragrances. We also only use vegetable emulsifiers. All our ingredients are vegan-friendly, and our formulas are dermatologically tested. 

Avoiding common sources of irritation and allergens was especially important during our development process. That’s why our ingredients are highly refined and screened for 26 common allergens.

Our Principles

We apply the following principles to every single product in the Irene Forte Skincare lineup:

The most important thing is to do no harm – either to the skin or the environment

Even in the natural world, not everything is healthy, we use naturals that are 100% skin kind and proven to work with our skin’s natural biochemistry

We create skincare that not only benefits the skin but also smells delicious and feels amazing

And we celebrate the Mediterranean diet using organic Sicilian ingredients, farmed in ethical ways and sourced using time-honored, sustainable methods.