The editorial team at New Beauty magazine, with help from top doctors, experts and celebrities, tested over 10,000 products and procedures for their prestigious 13th Annual Beauty Awards. We were deeply honoured that New Beauty selected Irene Forte Skincare’s Hibiscus Night Cream for its Best Night Cream award.

Grounded in over 35 years of skincare research, our Hibiscus Night Cream achieved outstanding consumer trial results in just 10 days. The award-winning formulation features our proprietary bio-peptide, Myoxinol™, extracted from Hibiscus Seeds. Alongside Prickly Pear Face Cream and Hibiscus Serum in clinical trials, this cream delivers visible wrinkle reduction that gets more visible the longer the regime is used.

Hibiscus Night Cream also features a unique peptide extract from Green Pea to help boost Collagen and Elastin production, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Oil Fractions and a Tetra-Ceramide Complex nourish and protect the skin.

Clinically approved for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types, Hibiscus Night Cream is especially beneficial for mature, dry or dehydrated skin.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Hibiscus Night Cream has innovative refillable packaging featuring a recyclable glass bottle (up to 31% post-industrial recycled) with a replaceable refill component, which can be recycled through our First Mile recycling programme.

In the ever-expanding world of the beauty industry and the increasing demand for “clean” products, our multi-benefit, clinically proven Hibiscus Night Cream greatly exceeds the commonly-used benchmarks for what constitutes a clean product to deliver exceptional age-defying benefits and immediate hydration, thanks to our commitment to results-driven, organic, plant-based formulations made better by scientific insight.

Our multi-benefit, clinically proven Hibiscus Night Cream greatly exceeds the benchmark for what constitutes a clean product. It delivers exceptional age-defying benefits and immediate hydration, thanks to our commitment to natural formulations made better by scientific insight backed by 35 years of research and development.


The discovery that Myoxinol™ acts like botulinum toxin to reduce wrinkles, promises a breakthrough to reverse signs of skin ageing. This innovative ingredient works by inhibiting the mechanical factors responsible for expression line formation on the face (in vitro tests). Myoxinol™ is also a proven antioxidant (in vitro tests), protecting against free radicals and preventing the breakdown of Collagen and formation of wrinkles. It assists in activating the cell’s natural defenses to prevent oxidative damage, thus biologically delaying the aging of cells. Because of its collective efficacy against both mechanical and biological ageing factors, Myoxinol™ demonstrates long-term anti-ageing properties (in vivo tests).



100% agree skin looks more hydrated

95% agree skin looks healthier

88% agree skin looks restored

77% agree skin looks more youthful

Continued use for four weeks resulted in even better age-defying results:

85% agree skin appears more youthful

81% saw a visible reduction in fine lines

79% agree skin looks years younger

92% agree skin appears lifted

88% agree skin elasticity improved

85% agree skin appears plumper

83% agree skin feels firmer

90% agree skin looks restored

98% agree skin looks healthier

*An independent consumer trial on over 80 participants.