Natural ingredients are a great place to start. Understanding natural remedies unlocks a cornucopia of sympathetic yet highly effective ingredients that can heal and nourish the skin. But not everything in nature is friendly, and the correct level of each ingredient needs to be understood. Insight into the science of our products makes it possible to sort the good from the bad and guides us towards extraordinary benefits that can also be enjoyed on more sensitive skins.


All our formulations benefit from over 35 years of scientific research led by Doctor Francesca Ferri and her team of cosmetic scientists at EffegiLab in Trento.

EffegiLab has researched the benefits of a number of natural, organic ingredients, primarily from the region of Trentino. This includes the use of grape extracts to treat dermatitis and psoriasis, and the discovery of vegetable melatonin, phytomelatonin, as a ‘super anti-ager.’

But the work has not stopped there; Doctor Ferri is continuing her research with a focus on delivering natural remedies in ways that enhance their potency whilst minimising their ability to cause unwanted side effects.

The Benefits 

We manufacture in small batches to the exacting standards you would expect from Italian formulation houses, considered some of the best in the world for their rigour and attention to quality and detail.

Each of our approximate 75 active ingredients have been chosen to work in harmony with one another, and also to complement the body’s natural biochemistry. We look for actives already naturally present in the skin or for biomimetic ingredients, making them biocompatible and exceptionally skin-friendly. 

The concentration and combination of ingredients in each product have been scientifically calculated to deliver the most effective benefits whilst avoiding harmful side effects.

Unlike traditional natural products, science guides us to strictly limit the use of 'essential oils' because they contain potentially irritating allergens like citral, linalool and farnesol. Avoiding these common sources of irritation is a key objective of our product development process. That's why all our fragrances have been screened for the 26 fragrance allergens that the EU law requires to be flagged; and you'll never find them on our ingredients list.

Science also teaches us how to achieve superior product textures and feel while restricting ourselves to natural ingredients.

Most importantly, our scientific orientation means we test all our products in laboratory and clinical trials. The dermatological tests mean we can certify all of our products as ‘non-irritant’, and most have been clinically approved for sensitive skin. From laboratory and clinical trials we can see, for instance, how well our Hibiscus Serum and Hibiscus Night Cream fight free radicals, and how well our Pistachio Face Mask hydrates.