In 2022, Irene Forte Skincare achieved B Corp status; one of the most demanding certifications that evaluates a brand’s social and environmental impact. Irene Forte Skincare earned an outstanding overall score of 99.5, significantly above the median completion score of 50.9 and the pass threshold of 80.


B Corp is an accreditation that recognises purpose-driven businesses. This third-party certification comes from B Lab™ and it shows that a company meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance.


B Corp is one of the most demanding and rigorous certifications. The B Impact Assessment is extensive; it includes over 300 questions on governance, workers, communities, and impact on the environment, and requires substantial documentation.

We must be re-certified every three years to maintain our B Corp status. In the interest of transparency and accountability, our results are publicly available below, as well as on our B Corp profile.



Our score by pillar

  • Governance 16.6

    Governance evaluates our overall ethics, transparency, and social and environmental impact work. This score reflects our ability to protect our mission and consider stakeholders in all our decision making. 

  • Workers 21.3

    Workers measures our contribution to the financial security, health and safety, wellness, career development and overall satisfaction of our employees. This section also recognises that our business model is designed to directly benefit our workers.

  • Community 22.4

    Community evaluates our engagement with and our impact on the communities and areas in which we operate. Our score shows that we endeavour to support and positively affect our local communities in every possible aspect.

  • Environment 35.2

    This section assesses our overall impact on the air, climate, water, land, and biodiversity. Our score reflects our efforts in environmentally productive processes and our intention to have a positive effect on the environment; our organic farm is just one of the ways in which we do this.  

  • Customers 3.7

    This measures our customer experience through the quality of our products and services, as well as our ethics in marketing, data privacy, security, and feedback channels. At Irene Forte Skincare, we pride ourselves on keeping the customer in mind in everything we do.